BFI 302 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology



Course Description:

Forensic Medicine is a unique field in the field of medical sciences and as mentioned under the sub-discipline of forensic sciences helps in the administration of criminal justice. It is essential that forensic experts in the making are nurtured in the most benefitting manner with the most benefitting manner.

The Forensic Medicine provides an integrated approach towards allied disciplines like pathology, radiology, forensic sciences, hospital administrations etc; to impart training regarding medico-legal responsibilities of physicians at all levels of health care.

The application of medical knowledge is used to establish facts in civil and criminal cases such as an investigation into the cause and time of suspicious death.

Course Structure:

Module 1: Introduction to Forensic Medicine
Definition of forensic medicine, Historical Aspects of forensic medicine, Legal Procedure (Inquest, Courts, Procedure in Court), Medical Law and Ethics
Module 2: Identification
Introduction: Definition, types, corpus deliciti, factors establishing identity, Determination of Age, Sex and Race from Skeletal remains, Medicolegal importance of Age determination
Module 3: Death and its medicolegal importance
Forensic Thanatology: Types of death (Somatic, Molecular & Brain stem, organ transplantation), Post mortem changes (Immediate, Early, Late, Adipocere, Mummification), Medicolegal importance (MLI) of death
Module 4: Medicolegal Autopsy
Objectives, Rules, Procedure, Skeletal Remain Examination
Module 5: Asphyxial Deaths
Introduction, General Signs & Symptoms of Death, Hanging (Types, Causes, PM findings, MLI), Strangulation, Traumatic Asphyxia, Drowning (Mechanism, Causes of death & medicolegal aspect, PM findings & Diatom Test)
Module 6: Foeticide and Infanticide
Infanticide and related law, Age of viability, concept of live birth and separate existence, proof of live birth, foeticide, concealment of birth, Development of foetus
Module 5: Mechanical Injuries (Trauma)
Definition (Injury & Hurt), Laws related to Injuries, Blunt force Trauma (Abrasions, Contusions, Lacerations), Sharp Force Trauma (Incised, Stab, and Chop wounds), Firearm injuries, PM examination of firearm injury death, Road Traffic Accidents, Medicolegal aspect of trauma, Injury due to burns & scalds, electrocution etc.
Module 6: Sexual Offences
Natural and Unnatural sexual offences, Examination of Rape Victims
Module 7: Forensic Psychiatry
Introduction to forensic psychiatry, various terms in mental health, psychosis, necrosis, mental retardation, personality disorders, civil and criminal responsibilities of mentally ill, criminal responsibility for offence committed during intoxication
Module 8: Forensic Toxicology
General introduction of toxicology, Significance of toxicology in forensic science, classification of poisons, Laws on poisons, Examination of medicolegal poisoning cases
Module 9: Report Writing and Court presentation
Case Study of murder, rape, suicide, hanging, assault cases, interpretation of medico legal reports, report preparation, court appearance, cross examination

Student Learning Outcomes: After completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate observations and logical inferences in criminal matters and medico-legal problems
  • Examine the various types of injuries and its medico-legal significance

Assessment & Evaluation

The students who enrolled as per the course selected are assessed by the allotted assignment and presentation and evaluated by conducting online examination and a viva by our forensic expert. The exam will be conducted by the concerned authority on the specific date and time. The relevant details regarding submission of assignment and presentation, duration of exam, date and time of online examination along with viva is mentioned via mail to the student.

After the successful completion of course along with online assessment, the mark sheets and certificate is generated and sent to the postal address of the student as mentioned in their application form and uploaded documents.


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