Forensic Document Examination And Verification



Course Description:

Forensic Document Examination is a forensic science sub-field in which a disputed document is evaluated and examined by forensic document expert. In broad terms, “Documents” are defined as any material that bears a mark, a sign, a symbol, a letter, a word or group of words that intends to convey a message or meaning to someone. Questioned Documents are defined when the authenticity is raised against the document.

The questioned document examination involves a comparison and analysis of the questioned document to a set of known standards. The goal of forensic document examiner is to systematically evaluate the attributes and characteristics of a document in order to reveal how it was prepared or how it may have been modified.

After the comprehensive insight about identification and examination of questioned documents, the students will feel competent enough to differentiate between genuine and forged document.

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Student Learning Outcomes: After completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the understanding of mechanical and electronic impressions in documents
  • Evaluate the forgeries and various alterations
  • Assess the
  • Comparison between questioned document to a set of known standards
  • Demonstrate report in the court of law

Assessment & Evaluation

The students who enrolled as per the course selected are assessed by the allotted assignment and presentation and evaluated by conducting online examination and a viva by our forensic expert. The exam will be conducted by the concerned authority on the specific date and time. The relevant details regarding submission of assignment and presentation, duration of exam, date and time of online examination along with viva is mentioned via mail to the student.

After the successful completion of course along with online assessment, the mark sheets and certificate is generated and sent to the postal address of the student as mentioned in their application form and uploaded documents.


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