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Crime Scene Investigation and Management (Basic)

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Module 1: Introduction to Crime Scene Management
Definition crime, Types of crime, Definition of crime scene, Types of crime scene, Responsibilities of first responder at crime scene, Processing the Crime Scene : Protection and Isolation of the crime scene, Recording the Crime Scene (Note Taking, Photography and Video recording), Sketching of crime scene, Searching of physical evidences, Collection and Packaging of physical evidences, Labeling of Physical Evidences, Chain of custody, Forwarding Letter and Transport Certificate
Module 2: Physical Evidence
Definition of Evidence, Classification of Evidence: Testimony evidence and Physical Evidence, Common types of Physical Evidence encountered at crime scenes, Classification of physical evidence, Value of physical evidence, Significance of physical evidence
Module 3: Collection, Preservation and Handling of Physical Evidence
General guidelines and considerations of collecting physical evidences, Preservation of physical evidences, Packaging and Labeling of physical evidences, Sealing of physical evidence, Forwarding and maintaining chain of custody, importance of maintain integrity of physical evidence
Module 4: Impression Evidence
Introduction to Impression Evidence, Types of Prints, Types of Impression Evidence: Footprint, Tire Track, Toolmark, Bitemarks and Fingerprints: Introduction, Features to be analyzed, Pattern characteristics, Forensic Significance of Impression Evidences
Module 5: Collection, Preservation and Packaging of Impression Evidence
Footwear impressions: Format of impression 2D & 3D, Collection of footwear impression, Preservation of 2D & 3D footwear impressions, Toolmark impression: Documentation, Collection and Preservation, Bitemark impression: Documentation, Collection & Preservation, Fingerprint impression: Documentation, Collection & Preservation
Module 6: Crime Scene reconstruction
Definition of crime scene reconstruction, Role of crime scene reconstructionists, Importance of crime scene reconstruction, Nature of crime scene reconstruction, Basic Principles of crime scene reconstruction: Recognition, Identification, Individualization and Reconstruction, Stages of crime scene reconstruction, Classification of crime scene reconstruction