BFI classroom programme is the most preferred choice for forensic aspirants, advocates, corporate officials, police personnels, bank officials, private agencies etc through the year. The programme is designed to take our learners from the basic concepts of forensic science to advanced forensic applications or case solving, focusing more on enhancing the observational and research skills of the candidates.

Our well-experienced forensic experts provide valuable lecture and helps to build the foundation of basic knowledge and skills for various fields of forensic science. The classroom sessions are interactive and announce a table for discussion for our forensic aspirants. Each session, apart from the regular chalk & board teaching, is supplemented by presentations and forensic study material. We also organize small events like quiz competition, forensic projects, forensic art & sketch programme forensic poster presentations etc to make our sessions interactive and help our learners in developing conceptual clarity at root level. This gives students and other working officials a good exposure and creates interest in learning.

The classroom forensic learners have the privilege to attend the doubt sessions conducted by BFI on a regular basis. The learner can ask their subject related doubts in these sessions. The modules of each forensic course are designed by our specialized forensic experts and educators in easy and understandable way.

BFI Pvt. Ltd. also provides credibility and comprehensive insight to the learners in their respective field of forensic science and makes them competent to deal with forensic related cases. We have also created a platform where aspirants can share and post forensic case studies and forensic articles to make their valuable contribution in our organization. We prepare our learners according to their interests, career prospectus and professional field.

We offer various forensic classroom programme which includes:

  • Fundamental of Forensic Science
  • Forensic Handwriting and Signature Examination & Verification
  • Forensic Document Examination & Verification
  • Fingerprint Development & Examination
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Forensic Odontology
  • Crime Scene Investigation and Management
  • Fundamental of Criminology, Criminal Law and Police Administration