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About BFI

Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. provides Forensic services in the field of Forensic examination and verification of Questioned documents, Forensic Signature analysis and verification for all civil and criminal courts, Forensic analysis of Handwriting for civil and criminal disputes, Forensic verification of certificates, development of Latent Finferprints from crime scenes, its examination and verification for the purpose of identification, crime scene investigation and reconstruction of crime scene, fingerprints for Police Clearance Certification(PCC) for several countries, audio-video analysis and verification, CD authentication, photography of crime scene and assist in collection of evidences from the scene of incidence, Forensic DNA Fingerprinting and DNA Report interpretation, theft cases investigation, medico-legal assistance, consultation on investigation of various types of crimes like murder( Suicide or Handging cases), rape, Fabricated suicide , false allegation by family, friends, co-workers, wife etc., hit and run cases , poisoning cases, private detectives services for pre matrimonial and post matrimonial investigations in Delhi- NCR ( Noida , Haryana , Ghaziabad, Faridabad ) and in other states of india like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Punjab , Chandigarh, Kolkata, M.P., Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan , Bihar, etc.

Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. is famous for its quality forensic services to private sectors like banks, corporate offices, lawyers, property dealers, common people as well as government sectors like police departments, lawyers, and other law enforcement departments.

Forensic Services

About Brilliant Forensics Online Learning

Brilliant Forensics Online Learning creates a platform for e-learners like forensic under graduates, post-graduates, lawyers, corporate officers, multi-national company officials, police personnels and other aspirants to get theoretical as well as practical exposure on the different areas of forensic science via online and distance learning.

As Forensic science encompasses a broad field of scientific knowledge in pursuit of crime and the criminal. In such a scenario, it is necessary to for the aspirants to acquire necessary skills and learn scientific skills to meet the challenges of crime and the criminals. Therefore; BFI aims to encourage new advancements and research in different fields of forensic science including Forensic Handwriting Examination and Verification, Questioned Document Examination and Verification, Fingerprint Development and Examination, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Medicine and Crime Scene Investigation and Management.

In order to complement such multi-faceted fields of forensic science, the Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. offers multiple learning ways and opportunities that will allow our aspirants  to focus different fields of forensic science that interest them most. We accept students and other aspirants all over the globe year round; it is a great opportunity that you can start your desired program as per your convenience.

BFI educational forensic courses are designed in such a presentable way that could easily be accessible and understood by any under graduate, post graduate, lawyer, police personnel, corporate officer etc. The course structure and syllabus is designed in detailed and the relevant study material and content of different forensic courses are prepared by our best forensic experts. The study material of forensic courses is informative and based on product of years of experience which our forensic experts gained in practicing and teaching forensic science.

BFI Pvt. Ltd. ensures best online training program with practical sessions in special batches so that our learners could get interactive exposure. We aim to make our lessons interactive and study-oriented which help the aspirants to become a skilled forensic expert.

The online mode of learning is accessible to professionals, lawyers, police personnels, students, teachers, research scholars etc. Our educational program offers well-equipped notes, forensic books along with presentations helps them to learn better. We also introduce webinars and discussion rounds on real court cases for interaction with our students and instructors to appreciate the value of forensic scientific learning.

BFI Pvt. Ltd. provides credibility and comprehensive insight to the learners in their respective field of forensic science and makes them competent to deal with forensic related cases. We have also created a platform where aspirants can share and post forensic case studies and forensic articles to make their valuable contribution in our organization. We prepare our learners according to their interests, career prospectus and professional field.

Our Online Forensic Courses

Forensic Handwriting Examination & Verification

Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation

Forensic Document Examination and Verification

Fingerprint Development and Examination

Forensic Anthropology and Facial Reconstruction

Forensic Medicine and Forensic Toxicology

Crime Scene Investigation and Management

Fundamentals of Criminology and Criminal Law


  • Handwriting Expert
  • Signature verification analyst
  • Crime Scene investigation
  • Questioned Documents and Forge Document Examiner
  • Fingerprint Development and Examination expert
  • Forensic Audio-video and Photo verification  expert
  • Medico-Legal Consultant
  • Forensic Trainer of Questioned Documents, Hand writing, Signature and  Fingerprints
  • Graduation (B.Sc.- Hons.) in Forensic Science From Amity University, Sector -125, Noida, U.P., India
  • Post Graduation In Forensic Science From Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Specialization in Forensic document, handwriting and Fingerprint examination
  • Trained in Questioned Document Examination and handwriting analysis from  Document Division- Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Madhuban Chauk, near Pitampura metro station, government of NCT Delhi
  • Trained In Medico legal aspect of forensic medicine from the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Deen Dayal Upadhaya Hospital, Harinagar Govt. of NCT. Delhi
  • UGC NET Qualified in Forensic Science
  • Law Graduate (LL.B- 3 years) from Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCSU)
  • Ph.D (Persuing-Part Time) in Forensic Science from Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Trained in cyber forensics and Computer Forensics from Cyber Cell, Delhi Police (CyPAD) National Cyber Forensic Lab, Dwarka, New Delhi, India
  • Worked as tutor (lecturer) of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology in World College of Medical Sciences Research and Hospital (WCMSRH), Jhajjar, Haryana, India
  • The mission of Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. is to enrich the quality of education through hands-on, practical approach to deal with forensic & criminological science.
  • Our organization aims to provide versatile knowledge in different fields of forensic science, advanced scientific analysis and innovative economic opportunity for the promotion of truth and justice in our community, state and nation.
  • To turn into the Representative and National Voluntary Organization for Forensic Science to takes care of the National Interest just as the prosperity of the network everywhere and furthermore to locate the Forensic Expert in India and make it accessible to the Law Enforcement Agencies, Government associations and Industry.
  • Our enriched quality of training will empower scholarly accomplishment and self-awareness.
  • Our Program will give open, inviting, inventive and versatile educating and research conditions for forensic aspirants, corporate officials, police personnels, advocates, working officials, medical practitioners and so on.
  • Our Program results will positively affect the worldwide measurable science and law implementation networks, and on society in general.
  • To widen the narrow route and scope of forensic science.
  • To fulfill the vacant spaces of forensic experts in each part of the state, country and the world.
  • To spread awareness regarding the importance of forensic science and acknowledging others about the importance of forensic science in the society.
  • To carry out national interest in the field of forensic science and to prosper the network of forensic science to law enforcement agencies, Government association and industries/corporate workplace.
  • Encourage and enhance the ability of upcoming forensic aspirants to use their knowledge, creativity as well as to enhance critical thinking skills to make their communities better places in which to live.
  • To enhance the public awareness for forensic science through Seminars, Conferences, Symposium, Conventions, Lectures and awareness campaign which are specifically structured to strengthen the roots of forensic science.
  • To provide excellent services and integrity to our costumers

Vision & Mission

Education Levels

University Students
School Students