BFI forensic workshop sessions are led by well-trained forensic experts of Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd and are designed to provide a forum for discussing criminal casework and other disciplines of forensic science. The workshop, seminars and conferences are specially designed to educate forensic aspirants, lawyers, police personnels, professionals, corporate officials, bank officials and so on.

The BFI forensic workshop engaged in imparting knowledge on different fields of forensic science and acclaimed to create awareness to educationists and other working professionals. We ensure wide opportunities for student learning by providing best practical exposure on different aspects of forensic science.

BFI conducts one to two day workshops on practical’s and theoretical models of different disciplines of forensic science. Our workshop provides a great understanding about relevant fields of forensic science. With number of participants close attention is given to each person during the workshop. Workshops are intensive with an importance on practical involvement. Participants are taken knowledge through the process of forensic science to enable them to become familiar with the fundamental aspects of the work involved. This knowledge is consolidated in case studies and examination which include the following areas:

Workshop Areas

  • General introduction of Forensic science.
  • Various fields of forensic science and their importance.
  • General technique used in forensic science for investigation purpose.
  • Workshop on document examination for identification of tempering or alteration.
  • Verification of forgery, disguise and anonymous handwriting.
  • Investigation of different crime scenes or theft scene
  • Fingerprint examination and how it can prove key role in investigation.
  • Role of cyber forensic in preventing cyber crimes.
  • Forensic Facial reconstruction
  • Demonstrate scientific skills on different aspects of forensic science