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Trained Forensic Expert

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Certified forensic expert programme is a series of professionalized course designed by our well-experienced forensic experts and forensic educators to build and enhance professional skills in forensic science disciplines. The candidate is being trained in a particular field of forensic science under our professionalized forensic experts along with practical exposure, handle real life cases and court-visits.

How to become a BFI Certified Forensic Expert?

BFI certified forensic expert must first possess a graduate/ post-graduate in forensic science or any other professionalized degree. Apart from this specialized degree, the candidate undertakes a formal training program on any field of forensic science and earns this certification by passing a comprehensive exam. Moreover, the candidate must work as intern for minimum 3 months and gain specialized knowledge and skills in particular field of forensic science.

Roles and Responsibilities of BFI certified Forensic Expert

The standard role and responsibilities of BFI certified forensic expert include the following:

  • Responding to crime scenes to make assessments and perform investigative tasks
  • Identifying and collecting physical evidence, and making notes
  • Process evidence in confidential manner in the organization
  • Support in compiling reports and court proceedings
  • Work as responsible mentee under his/her mentor across the organization
  • Maintain harmonious behavior within the organization