BFI internship programme is designed specifically for the forensic aspirants, advocates, corporate officials, police personnels, bank officials, private agencies etc to impart knowledge and skills in various forensic disciplines. We provide practical based experience, giving wide opportunities to the interns to explore more and improve their observation and research skills.

Moreover, after the internship programme, the candidate must work for minimum 3-6 weeks as intern without being paid and after the completion of internship session he/she earns the internship completion certificate successfully. The internship program will likely to be related to basic law enforcements, criminal casework and get practical exposure on various fields’ forensic science. Our organization believes in qualitative and productive learning.

We provide exclusive internship throughout the year to make our forensic aspirants engaged in learning and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills. Our BFI forensic experts who have intense knowledge in their field trained our candidates with realistic cases and legal proceedings.

We offer specialized internship programme which includes:

  • Forensic Handwriting and Signature Examination
  • Questioned Document Examination
  • Fingerprint Development and Examination
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Forensic Facial Reconstruction
  • Evidentiary value of collection and preservation of Physical Evidences
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Report writing on various disciplines of forensic science

Our internship programme is a regular based programme with proper training sessions and practical exposure. Additionally, the intern is benefitted with BFI study materials and court visits for better exposure.