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Forensic Handwriting Examination And Verification (Basic)

vishal awasthi
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Signature Examination
Module 1: Introduction to Handwriting
Introduction to Handwriting, Development of Handwriting, Principles of Handwriting, Significance of Forensic Handwriting Examination
Module 2: General Characteristics of Handwriting
Handwriting characteristics: Class and individual characteristics; Line quality, Speed, Slant, Shading, Rhythm, Skill, Movement, Alignment, Relative size and proportions, Pen lifts, Pen pressure, Pen pause, Hiatus, Commencing and Terminal strokes, Punctuations, Individual characteristics of handwriting, Natural variations in handwriting
Module 3: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors affecting Handwriting
Introduction to factors affect handwriting, Mechanical factors, Time Span, Health and Illness, Mental Health, Blindness, Drugs and Medication, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Tremors in handwriting, Other factors that affect handwriting
Module 4: Detection and Decipherment in Handwriting
Obliteration and its Forensic examination, Alteration: Overwriting and Addition and Forensic examination, Erasures and types of erasures: Mechanical erasure and its forensic examination and Chemical erasure and its forensic examination, Secret writing
Module 5: Disguised writing and its Identification
Introduction to Disguised handwriting, Methods of disguised handwriting, Principle of disguised handwriting, Identification of disguised handwriting and Forensic analysis of characteristic feature of disguise signature
Module 6: Collection of signatures and handwriting standards
Introduction to collection of standards, Collected standards, Authentic and contemporaneous exemplars, Request specimens and Handling of documents